We focus on supporting the growth of the
video game industry in Mexico

We focus on supporting the growth of the
video game industry in Mexico


The Asociación Mexicana de Videojuegos (AMEXVID) dedicates its efforts to promote the growth and strengthening of the Videogame Industry in Mexico, promoting the development and innovation of technology, promoting the education, the cultural diffusion of the entertainment and the launch of new titles. At the same time, it seeks the integration of all the participants involved in the videogame chain production in the country, formed by developers, publishers, marketers, writers, players, among others.

In the year 2017 AMEXVID was constituted as a non for profit organization given the “Ley Federal de Fomento a las Actividades Realizadas por Organizaciones de la Sociedad Civil” thereby promoting respect and diffusion of the Human Rights such as culture, quality education, sports, assumed in various international treaties recognized by the Mexican State. Among its priorities, AMEXVID intends to have an active participation in the national legislation, which influences the creation of public policies on the classes of culture, science and technology, issues that directly influence the development and strengthening of the Videogame Industry in Mexico, this incidence will allow regulation, in addition to granting certainty and juridical security to its members, having as an effect an increase of public and private investment in the industrial sector.

The benefits of forming part of AMEXVID are aimed at generating favorable conditions for those who propose projects and ideas focused on the growth of the industry, through scholarships, economic support, scientific and technology research, encouragement for creation, diffusion and promotion of video games at a national level, protection and advice on intellectual property matters, it is intended to provide powerful tools to those involved and thus achieve the strengthening of the national and local industry.

Our main objectives are:

Promote the local and national growth of the videogame industry through promotion and investment.

Spread the videogame culture at a national level.

Defend the interests of the participants involved in the chain production, promoting the recognition and respect of their work.

Make alliances between local, national and international public and private investment companies to promote joint decisions that benefit the Videogame Insdustry in Mexico.

Offer the player a positive experience of the videogame culture, offering a plural consumption and accessible prices, thus ensuring the sustained growth of the videogame community in Mexico.



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